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BBC Radio 4 Soul Music

BBC Radio / June 24, 2023


My Daniel Ellsberg Moment

Warrior's Publishing Group / June 26, 2023

She Got Us Out of That Place

Warriors Publishing Group / June 6, 2023


50 Ways to Leave a Quagmire

Warrior's Publishing Group / March 27, 2023


The Best Books About the Vietnam War That Strike a Different Note

Echoes of the Vietnam War

Ep. 18: Music of the Vietnam War / November 23, 2021

Freedom Dreams

Warriors Publishing Group / November 2, 2021



I Served in Vietnam. Here’s My Soundtrack.

The New York Times / March 13, 2018

Wisconsin Vet and Musicologist Doug Bradley Talks About What Ken Burns' Vietnam War Miniseries Gets Right

Big Ten Network / October 8, 2017


The Vietnam War Divided The Country, But Music United The Troops

Here And Now / December 7, 2015

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